General Labor for Toronto

Construction projects can be messy and chaotic. However, as you finish certain stages of the construction or plan to finish construction altogether, you want to have a clean site so that you can show off your construction achievements.

That’s why you need Rego’s BM. We offer post-construction cleaning services throughout Toronto so you can have a clean and safe construction site.

Here at Rego’s BM we have been working with General Contractors as a full service Final Cleaning provider for over 20 years.  Our dedicated and experienced team have had the opportunity to work on different type of establishments from office towers to high rise residential to retail spaces.  Our Final Cleaning Services include a detailed thorough cleaning of the project space, window cleaning and specialized floor treatments and carpet cleaning.

We have provided Post Construction Final Cleaning to High Rise Residential, Retail Space, Financial institutions, automotive dealerships, Office Towers/Tenant Space, Schools, New Constructed Homes among others.
Make your next project ours to CLEAN…..

Why Is Post-Construction Cleaning Important?

Discover why you should invest in post construction and general labour with Rego’s BM after all the construction work is finished. Here’s why you should invest in this service:

  • It’s safer: Utilizing our general labour during the construction process ensures that all debris is picked up, disposed of or stored properly. Protect against potential health and safety hazards by maintaining a clean site.
  • It’s healthier: All the dirt and debris left behind can wreak havoc on people’s health. Protect against potential health hazards by thoroughly cleaning up construction sites.
  • It’s efficient: If you’re on a time constraint, cleaning up after each construction phase or after the entire project can help you and your workers work more productively and successfully.
  • It’s good for branding: A debris-strewn construction site will not impress anyone. Make sure your clients, investors, and tradespeople know the value of your work in the buildup phase of your project.

Rely on the professionals to help clean up your construction site.

Why Rego’s BM?

We are dedicated to providing you with a clean and safe construction site before you show it off. We are available at all times to speak if you have questions or concerns, and we work diligently and thoroughly to ensure every spot of the construction site is spick-and-span. Whatever you need from us — general labor, debris disposal, and thorough inspection — we can provide it.

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